Auxilium Christianorum: Part I

Without crawling too far down the rabbit hole of my past, I will suffice it to say that I have dabbled very lightly in the occult. Not enough to summon any demonic spirits, but enough to understand the dark corners of our culture where it exists. I have been in those corners, one in particular: Death Metal.

Now, the last thing I want to do is sound like a square parent that thinks the loud guitar, screaming and snare drum blasting at 1000 beats per second from my kids stereo is,"Devil-worshipping music". However, death metal does create a dark enough environment for the fans of it to at least be exposed to the occult. Furthermore, my capstone project for my Bachelors of Science degree was a complete cultural breakdown of a genre of music known as, "Norwegian Black Metal". In the music scene, we just refer to it as Black Metal with the understanding that there is a distinct difference between the black metal of Norway and other countries. Norway invented Black Metal as it is known today, so there is an aura of authenticity that comes with it. Many of the original bands like, "Mayhem" and, "Emperor" were openly satanic and participated in the arson of relic stave churches that are around 1000 years old. There are also numerous band members sentenced to lengthy prison terms for committing murder. I say this for two reasons: 1) I know the occult when I see it. I know where it exists and I know the places it thrives. 2) to maintain some validity and reputation to the younger kids stumbling across this page and post.

Now that you've learned about an entire sub-culture of a country you've likely never been to, let's move on.

Although this dabbling of mine in the occult occurred before my Baptism, and should technically be washed away and forgiven - it still concerns me. The dark side is adept and crafty. All one has to do is leave the door cracked and they will find a way in. As a matter of fact, I am reminded of an attempted derailment of my conversion during my time in RCIA regarding my previous membership in a Masonic Lodge as an Entered Apprentice Freemason (more on that in a later post).

The point is that The Evil One will find any crack in your armor to bring you back into his fold. And for this, I wanted to educated myself on the official Catholic stance on spiritual warfare, exorcism and encounters with the diabolical. This led me to a few people that I will name below:

- Father Chad Ripperger

- Father Gabriele Amorth

- Jesse Romero

- Russ Dizdar

- Ken Deels

Some of these men are demonologists and the Priests are Exorcists, but all of these men are subject matter experts on encounters with the demonic. Just about all of them recommend reciting a series of protection prayers known as, "The Auxilium Christianorum", which means, "The Help of Christians" in Latin. There is plenty of literature that indicates the possibility of either temptation or retaliation from the demonic for praying the Auxilium Christianorum. In fact, I was advised to evaluate the strength of my faith before praying them in expectation to be tested by a representative of Lucifer. Additionally, I was encouraged NOT to get much deeper than the Auxilium Christianorum or I would otherwise run the risk of being considered a full-fledged member of the battle for souls that is taking place in the trenches of our spiritual existence.

The first 3 nights I prayed them, nothing happened.


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