Auxilium Christianorum: Part II

I will start this off with a disclaimer: I am not a vivid dreamer. I'm the kinda guy that goes to sleep, wakes up when my alarm goes off and doesn't remember anything in between. Every now and then I will experience a dream that I remember after my alarm starts buzzing. The most recent experience other than the purpose of this article was a over two years ago. It was a dream so vivid, I don't remember anything about it - but everyone who was around me does. In fact, they remember it even today.

I had recently gotten back from Afghanistan in July of 2017 (Army Reserves) and immediately restarted work to get back into a routine. As I stated before, I don't remember any of this so I will share my wife's account of it. One night I went to bed rather late. In the dead of night, I woke up quickly and anxious. I walked to the safe and grabbed all of my gear (rifle, body armor, etc) and yelled something to the extent of, "We're stepping off in 5 mikes (minutes), grab your shit!" I proceeded down the hallway where my kids' rooms are. I punched their doors and yelled the same thing. I followed that up by stomping to the front door where I unlocked and opened it. Before I walked out, I looked back and yelled, "Fall in on me!" or "Follow me!". I walked over to my neighbors front yard with my rifle and took a knee. At this point, I have woken up everyone in the house, scared the crap out of my children and really irritated my wife. She walked over to me, slapped me on the side of the head and told me to get my ass back inside. I came back to reality walking up the stairs to our room.

I don't claim to have PTSD, part of me wished I would've remembered the dream - I miss deployments. They're a free pass to be a teenage boy again accompanied with the most insane adrenalized experiences ever. Anyways, now that you've plowed through more useless information, I will get back to the main topic.

In this dream after praying the Auxilium Christianorum for the 3rd or 4th night, I received a call (I don't remember from who but it was someone important) to go to the post office and retrieve some important mail. Upon my arrival to the post office, one of the clerks is intently looking me up and down. He questions the necklace I am wearing (a scapular). I tell him what it is, what it represents and that I am Catholic. He responds by telling me that he knows I am not a Christian because he has seen me at local KKK meetings. I inform him that he has me confused with someone else. He doubles-down on his observation and couples it with a threat. He says he is going to tell the other Klan members that I am messing around with the Church and that I will get dealt with. I remember feeling trapped as I continued to argue that I was not a member of the KKK. I wanted to leave but I needed the mail. I woke up soon after.

Make of it what you will. I know what is was - a test or a temptation from one of Lucifer's errand boys. I was and still am very cautious and humbled by these types of experiences. Cautious because I am aware of the trickery involved in temptation. Humbled because I am worth fighting over. There is battle for souls taking place. Which side are you on? Place your admiration in the depravity of Hollywood celebrities and you will stare your destiny in the face when Jesus holds you accountable.

We do not know when the Second Coming will occur. Jesus said, "As to the exact day or hour, no one knows it, neither the angels in heaven nor even the Son, but only the Father. Be constantly on the watch! Stay awake! You do not know when the appointed time will come" (Mk 13:32-33)

Violenti Naturam. Praesentia Tranquillitas.

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