Introvert Perspective of Humanity

This may not be a post centered around the Catholic faith as much as it is referring to how far man has fallen. So, nothing new in terms of knowing that mankind falls significantly short in regard to potential and living with some amount of charity and selflessness that at least emulates Jesus Christ. As an ardent student of military history - particularly World War 2 and the Cold War that followed - I am typically hypersensitive to government overreach and tyrannical systems of control that usually lead to conflict. COVID-19 has definitely revealed much of that across the world, even in our own country - presumably the freest nation on the globe. My knowledge of how authoritarian regimes of the past used mass panic and hysteria to usher in new laws and restrictions in the name of security has left much of the falling out with government oversight to be expected. However, as much as I expected the government to weaponize the reaction to COVID in order to accumulate more power - I did not expect to have the reaction to the human condition that I did. This comes as a surprise to me because I am usually warning everyone around me that people cannot be trusted. I am keenly aware of most people's disposition of self-preservation and keep a small circle because of it. However, I must say that the grading curve for the quality and character of human beings on the Planet has been extremely disappointing. I am just as guilty. We lack accountability. We lack due diligence. We are lazy and we are incredibly selfish. I have never been one to consider nor condone suicide - but after witnessing the complete lack of compassion and conversation over the last 10 months, I believe it would be very difficult to talk someone off the ledge who was simply sick and tired of being here.